Website Monitoring Service

Test your website's availability, get alerted when your site is down. We monitor your website 24 hours from different locations of the world. Our service is based on Europe.

We check your website URLs in multi location with multi-functional test and notify you when your website is down or your feed has broken links

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Wordpress monitoring package

We have a special dedicated plan for wordpress websites. When you sign up for a wordpress website, you may install and review your health reports from your wordpress website.

Our wordpress plan is only £14.90 for a unique website and contains a single URL monitoring service.

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Google Sitemap Heath Check

Sitemaps are playing major role for our search engine optimization (SEO). The rank of your site is generated by Google using your links health. Before Google Search Console to find the broken links in your website sitemap, we find for your and notify to your. Our sitemap monitoring service is useful for dynamic websites if the sitemaps are generated by an automated system.

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Google product feed monitoring

While your ecommerce is live, are you sure that your products are live and accessible from multi locations? Our automated feed monitoring system checks your products page regularly. You do not need to submit or update your product feed. Our feed monitor tool will grab your feed and parse the URL maps daily.

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Europe based SAAS

Our budget website monitoring tool checks and test your website. We monitor your site’s availability from global locations. Our main monitoring locations are located in United Kingdom and Europe. We setup your account in 24 hours and start to report the service checks immadiately after your account created.

Multi location health check

We use Serverless Functions which are running on Amazon Lambda and Microsoft Azure functions. We use a various number of locations to check your site health. When our main servers discover an error on your service, we start to investigate the issue from different locations. Our intelligent designed platform generates custom tests against server and website's fault from different locations.